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Infinitives without "to"

Infinitives are verbals, which are verbs functioning in a different way. Infinitives function as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.
As you must know by now, infinitives are often easily recognized by their characteristic pattern: TO + (SIMPLE FORM OF VERB)
This last section, however, is tricky! 
These infinitives have no TO!

The new pattern looks like this:

Special Verbs include:
feelhearhelpletmakesee, and watch

Good luck!

Please copy the following sentences down in your grammar notebook
Use the system to label the parts of speech and word functions. 

Recommended Order (NOT left to right)
  1. Find the subject and verb combination(s) and underline and double underline respectively. Label all parts of speech.
  2. Find any articles (a, an, the) and circle them.
  3. Find any conjunctions (connecting words) and box them.
  4. Find any prepositional phrases (prep first and o.p. last) and surround them with parenthesis. Label all parts of speech and functions.
  5. Search for the infinitive(s) and label with Inf
  6. Label any remaining parts of speech and functions.
Practice Sentences 
(Copy the sentence and label on your own first; scroll over to see the answers).
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Test Sentences 
(Copy the sentence and label on your own first; check with peers and teacher; due the class prior to the quiz; you may check with me before the due date to get advice)
  1. I saw the snake eat a mouse.
  2. The younger sister watched the older sister braid her hair.