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Discovery Learning

The Discovery Process
Curiosity is key to learning, as we all learn through internal motivation to connect ourselves to some part of the world.

In this website, I will provide brief definitions of grammar terms, external links to grammar sites that I personally use and love, example sentences for you to mark with the system (with answers readily available to check), and further sentences for you to mark in order to quiz yourself to see how well you understand the code of English.

Work through each unit and work through each part. Learn. Discover. Explore. Improve Yourself! 

The Suggested Procedure
Learning is a recursive process. When you have gaps, you should pause to reflect on what you know and don't know and then search out the answers online and through making meaning out of what you find. Acquaint yourself with language patterns!
  1. Read my simple definition and ask yourself what it means to you.
  2. Click the external links and explore more about the unit focus.
  3. Test your understanding by trying to mark the practice sentences with the system. Look for patterns and word relationships.
  4. Check your answers by scrolling over the image of the practice sentences.
  5. Go back to search for more information if you didn't do so well with the practice sentences.
  6. Clear your mind of the answers (go eat lunch).
  7. Test your understanding with the practice sentences again.
  8. Check your answers, and if you did well, move on to the test sentences.
  9. Ask me and others to check your test sentences. Once approved, move on to the next part of that unit.
For those in my class, please make sure to finish all the test sentences by the class period before the quiz. See Veracross for more details!

Units of Focus