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Session 3

Focus: Using verbal (inf, ger, and part) phrases to add detail to writing. 

Requirements for Codify Session 3
59% Tier*: Reflect on the past - Image (screenshot) of your session 2 homework sentence answers + the correct answers + one reflective paragraph for each homework sentence required (3+ sentences) explaining differences in answers and learning. 
*If you didn't attempt the homework sentences, then you must reflect on what you learned from viewing the answers to the homework sentences.

75% Tier: Reflect on the present - Image (screenshot) of in-class sentences with accompanying paragraphs of learning (3+ sentences each)

85% Tier: Grow your understanding - Homework sentences (Honors/Standard: all; Developing: first two) marked at or above the required correct %. (Honors: 95%; Standard: 85%; Developing: 75%)

100% Tier: Apply your understanding - Original sentence creation
(Honors: 1 in-text sentence at 100%; Standard: 1 stand-alone sentence at 90%; Developing: 1 stand-alone at 80%)
Sentence requirement: Use a verbal phrase.

Useful browser Extension: Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate
Chrome Link:
Safari Link:
Google Drawing, Apple Preview, and Evernote are also worthy options to use for digital annotations.

You may also scan written work. The key point is that viewers should be able to read your work and it should look good--be a positive reflection of you. Blurry or illegible work is unacceptable.


Codify Session 3-1 Reviewing Session 2


Codify Session 3-2: Participial Phrases


Codify Session 3-3: Gerund Phrases


Codify Session 3-4 Infinitive Phrases