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Session 2

Focus: Linking Verbs (lv), Subject Complements (sc), and Verbals (inf, ger, and part).

Requirements for Codify Session 2
59% Tier*: Reflect on the past - Image of your intro homework sentences + the correct answers + five reflective paragraphs (at least 3 sentences) explaining differences and learning
*If you didn't attempt the homework sentences, then you must reflect on what you learned from viewing the answers to the homework sentences, in addition to describing your plan to be more successful in session 2.

75% Tier: Reflect on the present - Image of in-class sentences with accompanying paragraphs of learning (at least 3 sentences)

85% Tier: Grow your understanding - Homework sentences (Honors: all; Standard: first four; Developing: first three) marked at or above the required correct % (Honors: 95%; Standard: 85%; Developing: 75%)

100% Tier: Apply your understanding - Original sentence creation (Honors: 1 in-text sentence at 100%; Standard: 1 stand-alone sentence at 90%; Developing: 1 stand-alone at 80%); Sentence requirement: Use one linking verb, one subject complement, and two verbals (infinitive, gerund, or participle).
**Note: G9/10 will be curved based on high scores

Useful browser Extension: Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate
Chrome Link:
Safari Link:
Google Drawing and Apple Preview are also worthy options to use for digital annotations.
You may also scan written work. The key point is that viewers should be able to read your work and it should look good--be a positive reflection of you. Blurry or illegible work is unacceptable.

In-class and Homework Sentences - More Coming Soon!
Focus: Linking Verbs (lv), Subject Complements (sc), and Verbals (inf, ger, and part).
In-class: Understanding word relationships is the best way to improve my versatility with language.

Homework: Living a life worthwhile is my purpose for living.


Homework: A student procrastinating is a common sight at HIS. 

In-class: At first, Codify seems tricky to master, but, with a little practice, it becomes increasingly logical.
Homework: Before I went to the doctor, I felt too sick to go to school.

That class became my hardest but most rewarding class in quarter two.
This pizza tastes amazing when you dip it in creamy sesame dressing. 

To succeed in life requires courage, determination, and the willingness to take a risk.
To struggle is the most powerful and lasting way to improve.