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Humanities Session 1 (MS)

#4 - Focus: prepositional phrases (prepositions and objects of the preposition)

Homework Sentence - Honors ONLY

Mr. Pangier was extremely hungry, so he sprinted to the closest Lawson for a croquette. 

In-Class Sentence

Mr. Fazio was thirsty, so he went to 7-11 for a C.C. Lemon.

#3 - Focus: conjunctions (compound sentences)

Homework Sentence - Standard/Honors ONLY

Mrs. Roe sang a song because she was really happy.

In-Class Sentence

Mr. Fazio ate an apple because he was hungry.

#2 - Focus: "regular" verbs & direct objects

Homework Sentence - ALL

Mr. Salter took a picture.

In-Class Sentence

Mr. Fazio ate an apple.

#1- Focus: Introduction, linking verbs, and subject complements

Homework Sentence - ALL

Mr. Adams is a teacher and model.

In-Class Sentences

The apple is red.      The apple is a fruit.