Language is all about understanding the code. Each language has certain rules and patterns. While it can be tricky getting started, once you begin to recognized the way a language fits together--the word relationships--you are just one step closer to being a language master.

This site is designed to help anyone understand the way English works through a simple system of labeling parts of speech and functions.
I will also provide links to other excellent grammar sites so you can discover your full Codifying potential.

Now what are you waiting for? 

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Step 1: Learn the system: Click here! 
Based on a system that was researched and developed by Curriculum Research and Development Group from the University of Hawaii.
(See here for more details).
Tested at the University Laboratory School: and in my classroom.

Step 2: Run through my Orientation Sentence. Begin to understand the process.
See Practice: Infinitives for quite a few more practice sentences from a previous Verbal study I conducted.

Step 3: Move through the Codify Tiering Program (see Details) in and out of class.